Getting Involved

Anyone can contribute with anaconda, you don't have to be a developer to contribute with the project as there are many ways to do it.

Before contribute with anaconda, you have to make sure that you are familiar with GitHub and how it is being used to report bugs and what is known as the GitHub Flow.

Contributing to AnacondaST3

The following is a list of possible ways in what you can contribute with the project to make it better for you and for others, everyone benefits of everyone else contributions.

User Feedback

To improve anaconda, we need feedback from our users that fill bug reports using the project's GitHub issues tracker.

Feature Improvement/Suggestion

We improve anaconda because we use it daily in our work but that doesn't means that our vision of how the plugin has to behave is always the right one, or cover all the use cases. Is for that we need suggestions about feature implementation or improvements to already existent features.

The policy to ask for a new feature or add an improvement to an already existant one, is the same as with the bug reports.

Code Contributions

Code contributions can come in three different ways:

  1. Bug fixes

  2. Refactors/Improvements

  3. New Features

If you are planning to contribute some code to anaconda, make sure that you read this documentation first.

note: anaconda contributed code is automatically licensed under the terms of the General Public License of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation in it's version 3.

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